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ASSET Technologies offers continued repair, warranty, and inventory support for Novar Savvy. If you still use Novar Logic One building automation systems and need parts & repair support for Novar Savvy, please contact us directly.

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Novar Savvy Controller

Novar Savvy: Legacy DDC Controls Spotlight Series (PDF Version)

The Novar Savvy is a legacy executive controller from the Novar Logic One energy management system. The Novar Savvy is designed for single building control and is configurable to meet a facility's control needs with regards to the size and complexity of the buildings energy management system. It can control up to 31 modules per Savvy, and communicate with multiple Savvy's per network.

Novar Savvy
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ASSET Technologies is the official and only authorized repair center for Novar legacy products. We test, refurbish and re-warranty faulty control modules as an alternative to buying new replacements and upgrades. By refurbishing vital components of existing building automation control systems, our program can help customers reduce budget spending, facility down-time and extend the life-cycle of their existing BAS equipment. Need legacy Novar repairs? Call us today!

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