Circuit Board Repair

Repair Solutions Development

Legacy System Support • Product Lifecycle Extension

As technology for building controls & energy management continues to change, we develop repair support for aging technologies to help smoothen the upgrade process. Do you have a legacy system that you need to continue parts support for? Contact us today and we will look into a solution.

Step 1: Evaluation

Is a repair solution viable?

As technology for the building control & energy management industry grows, we help stagger expenses and planning for costly upgrades. ASSET Technologies develops sustainable repair & inventory support for aging electronic technologies. We focus on discontinued and end-of-life products, including building automation systems and other electronic control devices.


Step 2: R&D

Develop a solution that works.

Our R&D team will make an initial cost analysis to determine individual price points for each of the different DDC control modules in the system. Secondly, we need to aquire any system programs and testing equipment, including any documentation, software licenses, and network hardware. Finally, we build a repair station at our facility. This station would be used for future testing, troubleshooting, and repair of faulty control devices.

Research & Development

Step 3: Completion

Continued Support Available!

After final set-up is complete, we are ready to begin repairing parts for you! We also reccommend that clients send in an initial stock of devices to be repaired in advance and reserved on-shelf. This way, working parts are ready-to-ship directly to your field maintenance team during system failure. Meanwhile, the faulty parts are returned and repaired for restock. This minimizes system down-time, and maximizes customer satisfaction!

Project Completion